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Code of Ethics      
Code of Ethics:
  Withdrawal of Services

An IPSIG shall withdraw from an assignment if the reporting entity is not independent or does not maintain its independence or if the host organization or the reporting entity insists that the IPSIG engage in, support or conceal conduct that is illegal or, in the IPSIG's judgement, unethical.


  1. As stated above, an IPSIG must act with integrity and independence. It is inconsistent with those principles for an IPSIG to continue to perform services for an organization that attempts to engage the IPSIG in a conspiracy to subvert the IPSIG's purpose by committing or demanding that the IPSIG conceal illegal or unethical acts.

  2. The host organization and the reporting entity should be informed at the outset that the IPSIG will withdraw if such attempts are made. Ideally, this provision should be included in the retainer agreement. This paragraph is intended to cover conduct of this nature by, or supported by, the senior management of the organization or reporting entity, and not by junior officers and employees, whose conduct should be reported in the usual course of the IPSIG's assignment.
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Withdrawal of Services
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