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Code of Ethics      
Code of Ethics:


An IPSIG is responsible to the public and to the organization it serves. An IPSIG's independence and its dual reporting responsibilities impose on it a special position of trust. To undertake the role of an IPSIG is to acknowledge and accept that the exercise of expert and objective judgement is fundamental to preserving the integrity and credibility of the individual IPSIG and the IPSIG profession.

The purpose of this Code is to provide a framework for the ethical conduct of the work of IPSIGs.


  1. The preamble incorporates the key elements of the IPSIG: independence, integrity and expertise.

  2. "Dual reporting responsibilities" means that the IPSIG reports both to the organization it serves and to a reporting entity. Throughout this Code, the organization for which the IPSIG performs services is referred to as "the host organization." The "reporting entity" is described in the Preamble to this Code. "IPSIG members " means the individuals comprising a particular IPSIG.
Conflicts of Interest
Conflicts with Existing Professional Codes and Laws
IPSIG Skills and Methodology
Withdrawal of Services
Cooperation with Colleagues and Professional Development
Reporting Violations of this Code
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