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Code of Ethics      
Code of Ethics:

An IPSIG shall not engage in any conduct that would tend to or would in fact compromise its independence.


  1. Independence means that the IPSIG is independent of both the host organization and the reporting entity. To be independent, an IPSIG must be impartial and objective in its fact gathering, fact finding, analytic, and reporting activities. It must be unconstrained by the host organization's internal politics and biases. Its activities must be guided by a singular dedication to the assignment, untainted by self-interest. Its work must be thorough and expert, directed towards uncovering and reporting any and all illegalities and irregularities and diligently investigating any issues of fact required by the assignment. Without detached and objective judgement, an IPSIG will lack credibility, and may prove not only ineffective but counterproductive by providing the host organization with no more than a façade of legitimacy.

  2. The following are circumstances in which an IPSIG's independence would be compromised:

    1. an IPSIG or an IPSIG member uses an IPSIG assignment as a means of nurturing a future professional relationship with or within the host organization or the reporting entity that is unrelated to the assignment.

    2. an IPSIG undertakes an assignment with less than complete diligence, in order to either provide, or acquire a reputation for providing, host organizations with a clean bill of health.

    3. an IPSIG accepts an assignment with an organization that has previously retained the IPSIG or one of its members on another matter in circumstances giving rise to the potential for or appearance that the IPSIG's objectivity may be at risk.

    4. an IPSIG accepts an assignment with an organization and the reporting entity is not in fact and appearance independent, or continues in an assignment in which the reporting entity does not maintain its independence in fact and appearance.
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