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Code of Ethics      
Code of Ethics:
  Cooperation with Colleagues and Professional Development

An IPSIG and its members shall make every effort to cooperate with research that is undertaken to enhance the effectiveness of IPSIGs and/or to study the work of IPSIGs.

An IPSIG and its members shall make every effort to cooperate in the development of, and to participate in, public education about the work of IPSIGs and the IPSIG profession.

The cooperation referred to in this paragraph is subject to the IPSIG's duties of confidentiality as defined by this Code and by other codes, rules and laws.


  1. As a new profession, the importance of research and analysis focused on the effectiveness of IPSIGs cannot be too highly emphasized. The experience of IPSIGs is the most valuable resource available to that endeavor.

  2. Public education is likewise critical to ensuring that the public receives accurate, reliable and timely information about the IPSIG concept and its application, the IPSIG profession, and the mission, purpose and function of the IAIPSIG.

  3. IPSIG members are expected to be generous with their time and energy not only by cooperating with their colleagues and with outside researchers but also by taking their own initiatives to enhance and assist in the development of the IPSIG profession.
Conflicts of Interest
Conflicts with Existing Professional Codes and Laws
IPSIG Skills and Methodology
Withdrawal of Services
Cooperation with Colleagues and Professional Development
Reporting Violations of this Code
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